Frequently Asked Questions

Where do i store my Strawberry/Donut Tower

We suggest you place your strawberry tower in a cool room or in the Fridge. Please avoid leaving it near windows, heaters or any other warm areas. Regarding the Donut tower we suggest you leave it in a normal room tempreture environment and NOT in the fridge.

How long will my Strawberry Tower/Strawberries last for?

We always suggest you eat our chocolate dipped strawberries as soon as possible. They normally last for 3 days if you store them in the fridge....thats IF you can stop yourself from eating them straight away ;)

How do i make payment?

Through bank transfer or PayPal

Can i pick up my Strawberry Tower a day prior to my event?

Of course you can, keep in mind the Strawberry Tower will be 1 day 'old' as we need to make it the day prior and florals may not looks as 'fresh' on the day of the event.