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Strawberry Towers

Our famous Strawberry towers have become an absolute must on all dessert tables, we create them in all sizes and colours to suit your event. 

We offer our towers in 3 different sizes:


- SMALL: (approx 35 strawberries) $165 (7 inch base)

- MEDIUM: (approx 55 strawberries) $220 (8 inch base)

- LARGE: (approx 100 strawberries) $410 (10 inch base) 


Gold Leaf: $10 

Silver Leaf: $5 

Number of strawberries above is inclusive of florals (roses etc)

Number of strawberries may very depending on size of strawberries available.

Strawberry Gift Boxes

Customize your own gift box with any topping you desire or by writing a custom message on the strawberries.

Our gift boxes come in two sizes: 

-SMALL gift box with 15 customized strawberries for $65

-LARGE gift box with 25 customized strawberries for  $100

Donut Towers

Who doesn't love donuts, what better way to display them than on a tower?


We offer two sizes:

-MEDIUM tower with approx 50 mini doughnuts for $135

-LARGE tower with approx 90 mini doughnuts for $220


Gold Leaf: $10 

Silver Leaf: $5 

Thank you Favours

What a cute simple way to present someone a thank you Favour, also known as a bomboniere.


Our thank you Favours come in a clear box with two customized strawberries or two customized mini donuts for $7.50 per Favour. The box containing the strawberries is 3cm x 3cm and is extremely durable. Please keep in mind you can alternate and include one mini customized donut and one customized strawberry. 

Individual Customised Strawberries

We are happy to offer individual strawberries if you wish to display them in your own way, we have a minimum of 30 strawberries per order for $120. For each additional 10 strawberries the price goes up by $30.


We offer two cone sizes:


-MEDIUM tower 47 Macaroons $175

-LARGE  Tower 85 Macaroons $240.


Flavors available : Strawberry, Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Vanilla, Chocolate,Rosewater, Bubble Gum, Lemon, Cookies 7 Cream,Hazelnut & milk Chocolate, Passion fruit

Doughnut Gift box

Our delicious custom doughnut  box comes in 1 size for $90

The box includes:

-12 customized large doughnuts

- 8 mini doughnuts.

- 4 macaroons.

- An assortment of other sweets.

Grazing Box

Our grazing box comes in 1 size for $85.

The box includes:

- 10 chocolate dipped strawberries

- 8 mini doughnuts

- cherries (if in season)

- Raspberries, Blueberries, Pretzels, Oreos

DIY Strawberry & Doughnut Kits


- Small DIY Strawberry Kit includes 8 chocolate dipped strawberries for $39.99.

- Small DIY Doughnut Kit includes 6 chocolate dipped doughnuts for $49.99

- All kits include x2 icing bags (colour of your choice)

- 5 packets of sprinkles

- Instructions

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